A trip to Sri Lanka is full of history, culture, and adrenaline-pumping adventure. Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has been growing steadily, and local guides have cornered the exciting outdoor adventure market.


A favourite pastime of many, photography provides an excellent way to capture some of life’s most beautiful and most special moments. Pick up a camera and begin your journey as a photographer as you observe the world from a whole new different viewpoint; making everyday situations tell a story of their own. Youlanka Travels offers numerous tours that let you capture some of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking landscapes and wildlife – including ancient sites of historic wonder, exotic species of plants and animals, as well as several other fascinating attractions and places of interest. Getting to see the beauty of Sri Lanka from behind the lens of a camera will reveal a myriad of unforgettable experiences to last a lifetime. Some of the best photography opportunities in Sri Lanka are on offer at the country’s many national parks such as Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park and Wilpattu National Park which can all be explored via an exciting photography tour. Let us help you discover the true beauty of the country with the perfect photography tour.

Meditation/ Yoga

For those interested in meditation, Ceylon Tours offers a myriad of options. We offer a number of tours to help you indulge in meditation and cultivate your mind to bring it to a state of inner calm. In addition to sensory gratification, meditation also offers a wealth of health benefits such as stress reduction, cardiac health and improved brain activity. You will also be able to develop greater self-awareness and develop mindfulness, for a happier and healthier life. Meditation is practiced widely in the country in accordance with religious views and Sri Lanka is one of the world’s best retreats for meditation. Youlanka Travels has carefully selected and compiled some of the best spots in the country that have been specifically designed to help you achieve peace of mind. Our wellness tours also include yoga and Ayurveda to direct you on a path to sensory bliss – for stronger and better mental health – and can be practiced by those of all skill levels.


We have sports professionals to handle all your sports tours. We could arrange training facilities, sports tournaments, friendly games, cultural exchange programs. We have hosted internationals events and tournaments. We could offer you a superior service with a competitive cost.


Snorkelling with Youlanka Travels is an enthralling way to observe the hidden beauties of Sri Lanka beneath the ocean’s surface. It is one of the most popular recreational activities at tropical resort locations since it gives a fascinating glimpse of the region’s underwater life in their true natural environment. The activity can be taken up by people of all ages and is an interesting yet relaxing way to learn more about the surrounding marine environment. Sri Lanka is a snorkeller’s galore. Numerous snorkelling sites are located in Sri Lanka, home to spectacular coral reefs and exotic marine life. Popular snorkelling sites include Hikkaduwa, Kalpitiya, Kirinda, Weligama and Trincomalee – with each location offering something distinctly unique to delight every snorkeller. The best time of year for snorkelling is typically during the months of November to April – particularly on the country’s southwest coast.